The magnitude of land in causing massive human rights violation a case study of mt. Elgon district in Kenya

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Kampala International University, Colleges of Humanities and Social sciences
This study was specifically designed to evaluate the magnitude of land conflict in causing massive human rights violation; a case study of Mt. Elgon district, this particular part of Kenya has experienced a large number of human right abuses that provides a palatable ground for data collection in the subject of human rights. The study focuses to which extend land conflict is the source of human right abuses. This research report seeks to identify the various instruments that were violated. A number of literatures were reviewed on different themes such as: Land as a cause of human right violation, the emergence of Sabaot Land Defense Force (SLDF), Land Titling and Conflicts, Culture and effects of land conflicts on massive Human Right violations. The researcher applied quantitative methods of data collection supplemented by qualitative. The main methods of data collection were by use of observation, Questionnaire, Interview and documentary. Data was guided by research questions, objectives, and scope of the study that covered the four divisions of the District namely Kaptama, Kapsokwony, Kopsiro and Cheptais. A sample population of 399 was selected. The study findings indicate that, despite the enormous human right violation caused by land matter there is a lot that is still demanded to gap the underdevelopment caused by Sabaot Land Defense Force (SLDF) and the Kenyan Armed Forces (KAF), beside that the government of Kenya should hasten renovation of destroyed institutions like schools, hospitals, roads and begin a process of peace and reconciliation between families that engaged in the war. Finally begin a process of settling them through the process of land distribution that has been deferred over 30 years. The government should Note that postponing today’s program is adding tomorrows burden.
A thesis submitted to the school of post graduate studies in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of master of arts in human rights and development of Kampala international, University
Magnitude, Land, Human rights, Violation, Mt. Elgon