An analysis on the enforcement of laws against child labour as a form of child abuse in Uganda case study Makindye division within Kampala district

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This "An analysis on the enforcement of laws against child labour in Uganda as a form of child abuse" was carried out in Uganda with specific aims of examining the impact of child labour on the children in Makindye Division within Kampala District. The major focus was on finding the gravity of this issue of child labour and how it has affected mainly who reside in Makindye Division within Kampala District. It also aimed at identifying existing interventions geared towards eliminating child labour and any cross cutting issues with the study area. The study helped to develop strategies to mitigate the bad effects of child labour as a means of preventing child exploitation. I designed a descriptive study during the research which was obtained from both primary and secondary sources. There was use of questiom1aire as a means of acquiring information from the respondents at their respective areas of operation, interviews were also used to supplement on the information I got from questionnaires. major causes of child labour such as poverty, civil strike and insurgencies, high illiteracy levels, HIV I AIDS, drunkenness, broken homes etc have been pointed out, not for getting the sectors in which children work for example the Agricultural sector, child labour in Fishing, child labour in Tourism, child labour in Urban Informal Economy (street children), child labour in Domestic Service child labour in Construction, Mining and Quarrying, child labour in Military Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children and so many others as my research will contain. The study concluded that the legislation in existence is not enough to do away with the massive exploitation of children hence suggesting various recommendations to eliminate child labour in Makindye division within Kampala district were unveiled by the researcher.
A research paper submitted to the faculty of law in partial Fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of bachelor of laws of Kampala International university.
Child Abuse, Enforcement, Laws child labour, Uganda, Makindye division