Innovative teaching-learning at postgraduate level: An advocacy, a creative pedagogy package from actual experience and experimentation

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GRIN Verlag
Each educator has his/her strengths and preferences when managing a classroom scenario. Ideally, an effective educator should possess a variety of teaching techniques to accommodate students’ learning needs. There may not be one single best approach to teaching as there is more need for flexible teaching approaches. The prevailing scenario in the educational arena nowadays is where the teacher is no longer an authoritative figure in the students’ learning but rather an enabler. Organizing a course into meaningful bits of activities, situations and experiences will be better absorbed and lasts indefinitely in every learner’s academic life. Further, in this context, the course is taught better and the students learn more if the students themselves are involved in their learning. Innovative teaching-learning addresses the challenge of a paradigm shift from the traditional and conservative ways towards creating an educational climate for the learners to take more responsibility of their own learning in an academic environment where they find more meaning. Creative pedagogy is innovative art of teaching categorized as theatre based that greatly involves the student in his learning to develop him into a self-reliant, responsible, critically minded and creative character or actor in the theatre of learning. At the forefront are approaches that provide learning materials, situations, activities and experiences to enable the learners to acquire knowledge, attitude, values, habits, skills in critical thinking, decision-making, self-direction, self-reliance, mechanical manipulation and bodily movement. This book
Excerpt from this book was a project entitled Creative Pedagogy at Postgraduate Level that was shortlisted and recognized by international experts from over 500 global competitors under the Teaching Delivery category for its outstanding potential for pedagogy and employability in a higher education environment at the 2015 Reimagine Education Awards, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (organized by QS/Quacquarelli Symmonds and Wharton School of Pennsylvania). The full text book is availble through:
Pedagogy- Higher Education, Innovative Teaching, Creative Teaching, University Education, Kampala International University
Sumil, N [et al]., (2015). Innovative teaching-learning at postgraduate level: An advocacy, a creative pedagogy package from actual experience and experimentation. Munich, Germany: GRIN Verlag.