Customer care and performance of small medium enterprise (SMEes): the case study Kinondoni District Dar es salaam-Tanzania

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Kampala International University: College of Economics and management
This research focused on the Customer care and performance of SMEs in Kinondon District Dar es salaam. The main objective of the study was to develop objective of customer care and performance of SMEs sector in the stated area and suggest possible solutions to those objectives. Specifically, the study focused on identifying the business practices undertaking by SMEs, examining the methods, procedures, processes and rules employed or followed by SMEs in the pursuit of their objectives and drawing recommendations based on the results of the study. Sampling technique which was used in this study was random sampling from a sample frame of business operators in which 50 sample sizes was selected. The data were collected by using questionnaires and structured interview baselines. The results of the findings revealed that in some extent the business practices of Mwenge SMEs is practicing although in very limited manner. Based on the findings, it is recommended that the SMEs business operators need to be equipped through various trainings programmes on marketing, financial management, human resource management, modem technology, communication skills, etc. The government agencies on other hand need to create conducive environment for effective and efficient business practices to prosper, such as advise banks to reduce interest rates, reduce the trade fair participation fees, act as agency for searching the markets for products abroad, provide bank guarantee for these firms, reduce tax burden and create tax incentives, etc.
A dissertation submitted to College of Economics and Management Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration of Kampala International University
Customer care, Small medium enterprise, Kinondoni District, Tanzania