Corporate social responsibility and performance of an organization:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Due to recent scandals which have ruined corporations' image across the world such as the (Enron, Atihur Anderson, Parmalat, and Greenland hotel) for the case of Uganda, have put customers' trust of the frontline, leading to an exponential growth in the interest of CSR. Looking at Sheraton hotel Uganda, which carries inherently high risk due to the nature of the industry with losses during its transactions being carried out. This study seeks to identify whether CSR initiatives of Sheraton hotel have helped it in building its image. The research employed descriptive study, which involved cross sectional survey that used both quantitative and qualitative methods (tables, graphs) with the help of self administered questionnaires. The major findings of the study were, 6% and 77% of the respondents revealed that CSR initiatives of Sheraton hotel were excellent and very good because of its trust fund for charitable activities such as sponsorship packages, good employee welfare, environmental conservation, and anti-pollution measures, 58% of the respondents revealed that CSR initiative has become a source of competitive advantage for the company and 42% revealed that it was due to cost focus and differentiation cost. The company also communicates effectively about its social and environmental activities simply because it encompasses effectively about its social and environmental activities simply because it encompasses a large range of communication, channels such as corporate advertising, media relation, public relations event management, internal communications, employee engagement and on line communication. Overall, this research provides a clear justification and indication from the empirical evidences of various stakeholders such as managers, regulators, corporate customers, employees, investor that benefits of having CSR programs include, enhancing brand recognition and reputation, strengthening profits, risk management and boosting employee relations. However, Sheraton hotel Uganda has to put much effort by carrying out social audits and surveys among its stakeholders by monitoring their CSR activities.
A research dissertation submitted to the college of applied economics and management science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of a Bachelor's Degree in Business administration and management, of Kampala International University
Corporate social responsibility, Performance, Uganda