Human rights NGO’s and reduction of discrimination against persons with disability in Kampala Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study sets to assess the contribution of human rights NGO’s towards reduction of discrimination against persons with disability in Kampala Uganda. The objectives included identify the forms of discrimination faced by persons with disabilities, strategies used by Human Right NGOs to combat discrimination against persons with disabilities and examine the challenges faced by Human Right NGOs in combating discrimination against persons with disabilities. The study was conducted in Kampala in Makindye and Nakawa divisions from the CBOs, NGOs, and PWDs. The data was collected using semi structured and key informant interviews, the data was collected from 70 respondents, the study also used a cross-sectional research design were the research was majorly qualitative in nature though some quantitative data is used. The findings reveal that different forms of discrimination which included verbally abused by the people for their disability mistreatment in school education of the respondents stigma and unfair treatment in health centers and exclusion for building accessibility in both public and private sector of the respondents, on this the researcher conclude that discrimination against PWDs exist. On the second research objective the findings reveal that different strategies attained to avoid discrimination exist such as advocacy, education, mobilization though many of them seem ineffective in averting discrimination. The third objective also reveal that there are a series of challenges faced by human rights NGOs in limited funding, limited capacity of the NOOs, the non-supporting legal framework in the country that has affected the performance dimensions of the human rights NGOs including limited community support that affect the operations of the Human rights NGOs. The research concludes that forms of discrimination exist, the strategies for reducing the discrimination against PWDs in Kampala. The researcher recommends for implementing societal mobilization interventions to curtail discrimination, bring about social inclusion and mechanisms to integrate the PWDs in associations so as to enable them agitate for their rights in Uganda. There is need for implementations of the strategies are limited by funding, societal mobilization and limited capacity hence the research recommend for attention into funding, government interventions and having the Human rights NGOs strengthen linkage with the community leadership in order to improve monitoring for the PWDs and on the third objective there is much need to involve government into the discrimination by setting up strong legal institutions for the development of mechanisms for improving the NGOs operations.
A thesis submitted to the college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of masters in human rights and development of Kampala International University
Human rights NGO’s, Reduction of discrimination, Persons with disability