An Assessment of the Causes of Soil Degradation in Bukedea Sub-County Bukedea District

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in social work and social administration
This research was carried out in bukedea sub-county .The research was conducted in several areas such as bukedea, kocheka and kakere. The purpose was to assess the causes of soil degradation in bukedea sub county Bukedea District. This study targeted Farmers, Government Extension workers namely, Agricultural and wet land officers and local councilors one. local council three. The findings included among others, the direct and indirect causes of soil degradation, The direct causes included, over cultivation of soils, wetland drainage, brick making among others. While indirect causes included, population pressure, lack of information. The soil conservation measures included, crop rotation, inter cropping, bush fallowing and addition of organic matter as strategies to reduce soil degradation in bukedea sub county, conclusions and recommendations were also explored by the study During data collection, both qualitative and quantitative methods were used to enable the researcher have a deeper analysis that give a more concrete and realistic description of the findings. The qualitative method involved visual study of the natural vegetation cover in the study area. The researcher used interviews which were a deliberate conversation between the interviewer and an interviewee. In total the study had sample of 60 participants from which information was collected· from. Quantitative methods were in form of questionnaires were by the researcher used this information to analyze closed and open questions that were administered by the researcher. Recommendations have been put forward in order to solve the causes of soil degradation in the area of study, participation of farmers in the development of soil conservation measures, introduction of environmental education and creation of awareness in order to address the problem.
A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelors Degree of Arts in Social Work and Social Administration of Kampala International University
Soil Degradation, Bukedea District