Community Participation and Rural Development in Bushenyi District, Western Uganda

This article assessed the correlation between community participation and rural development in Bushenyi District. Utilizing survey cross sectional research design, a close ended questionnaire and an interview schedule were used to collect information which was utilized to respond to the research questions on how community participation relates to rural development in Bushenyi District in Western Uganda. Data was analyzed employing descriptive statistics like frequencies, percentages, tables and bar graphs. The researcher used Pearson linear correlation coefficient to establish the relationship between the variables under study. The study revealed that there was a significant positive and strong relationship between community participation and rural development in Bushenyi District. The researcher recommends that there is need to empower local council committees to be able to make decisions that are tailored to their local circumstances that can always steer up development.The government in Uganda should augment on the conditional and unconditional grants to local governments in order to help local government officials mobilize and sensitize the populace for self reliance and self help projects.
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Community participation, Rural development, Management, Uganda