An automated library management system a case study of Kashenyi vocational senior secondary school

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Kampala international international: School of computing and Information technology
For many years, institutions such as secondary schools and colleges have used file based I manual system to manage library use. Whereas this was quite efficient for some time, due to the expansion of the library and increase in the number of the library users such as students, the system wastes a lot of time especially when searching for a particular book or resource. In response to this problem, more librarians have been added (employed). and this has escalated the cost of managing the library. This inefficiency, led to the study that was aimed at automating the book keeping function of the library. A study was carried out at Kashenyi Vocational Senior Secondary School and it was discovered that the manual system had inefficiencies ranging from time wastage, high cost of operation in terms of human resources, long search time, and data redundancy among others. A computer based library management system was developed using visual studio 2005. The new system allows the user to add books into the system, search for books from the system database. Track member information, manage borrowing among others. By automating library operations, the school will enjoy the advantages of using databases and transaction processing systems.
A project report submitted to the faculty of science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree in information technology of Kampala international university
Information technology, Automated library management system, Kashenyi vocational senior secondary school