Administrative Behaviour and Institutional Efficiency in Selected Universities in Central Uganda

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Academic Affairs Directorate, Kampala International University (KIU), Uganda, East Africa Institute for Social Research, KIU
Technical competences of administrators are certainly necessary, albeit they may not be sufficient for efficiency in educational institutions. The administrator’s behaviour is also vital for achieving efficiency thus educational institutions have prepared their numerous and capable specialists and professionals with the necessary skills for efficient and effective higher education administration. This study therefore was conceptualized to shed light to this contention. The association between administrative behaviour and institutional efficiency was empirically investigated employing the ex-post facto, descriptive correlation research designs. One hundred ninety five administrators from two higher education institutions were selected through purposive and systematic random sampling. Standardized and contextualized questionnaires tested for reliability and validity were used as research instruments. Quantitative data analyses were done using the Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient. The findings of the study indicated that the variables of administrative behaviour and institutional efficiency were significantly correlated. Within the context of this finding, administrators of the universities understudy should endeavour to enrich their administrative skills through leadership, management and administrative courses to cope with the managerial challenges hovering the higher education system. Effective administrators must conduct themselves appropriately and must be accountable for their actions and expectations. The ability to deal effectively with other people and accomplish work through others would always be a fundamental ingredient in the administrative process.
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Administrative behaviour, Institutional efficiency, Selected Universities, Central Uganda