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    Causes of Drug Abuse on the Behavior of Pupils of Selected Primary Schools in Kabare Education Zone Kirinyaga, Kenya
    (Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning, 2008-11) Rosemary, Wanjiku
    Many pupils have dropped out of school in the past in Kabare Education Zone. The researcher felt that one of the factors causing the dropout is drug abuse. This because the children are seen abusing tobacco and alcohol immediately they leave school. The research was about causes of drug abuse on the behaviour of pupils of selected primary schools in Kabare Education zone. The researcher used survey methods to reach out the pupils in the zone. The instrument used was questionnaires. The methods used in sampling the respondents included purposive sampling (for head teachers), lottery method (for teachers) and stratified sampling for parents and learners. The raw data was analyzed qualitatively. The study revealed that drugs were commonly abused in the abused in the zone. The most prevalent drug was tobacco and alcohol. The causes of drug abuse were found out as frustrations and anger and the inability of parents to meet their children’s developmental needs. The recommendations from the study aimed at improving schools through guidance and counseling of children from schools so as to improve on their morality and self-esteem and to create in the sense of values and morals.
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    School feeding programmes and academic performance of pupils in central division, Moyale district, Kenya
    (Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning, 2009-12) Mahmud, Galgalo Duba
    For a number of years primary schools in Central Division of Moyale District, Kenya have not been performing very well. The researcher wanted to investigate if school feeding programmes will improve pupil's academic performance. In the study, the researcher employed descriptive design. Therefore simple survey or poll for the purpose of describing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of the study population were used. Questionnaires were used in the collection of data. The raw data was then analyzed, presented in percentages and frequency distribution tables. The findings from the study revealed that there are few feeding programmed in the schools. It also showed that school feeding programmes significantly affected pupil's academic performance. From the findings, it implies that there is a great need for the SMCS to be sensitized and the government to add more weight in the school feeding programmes by funding and seeking donors. Suggestions for further research were to investigate the impact of absenteeism on pupils' academic performance.
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    Discipline and academic performance of primary school pupils of sample selected schools in Mbitini Education Zone, Chuluni Division, Kitui North District Eastern Province Of Kenya
    (Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning, 2008-11) Kitemange, Kamene; Emmah
    This study looked at the effect of indiscipline in public primary schools of Mbitini Zone, Chuluni Division. The study tried to establish the relationship between indiscipline and performance of pupils. In the methodology the study relied on primary and secondary sources of information. Primary sources included questionnaire guides while secondary sources included the zonal official records which tried to provide information about the school, their backgrounds and other vital background information about the schools. The study was based on the assertive discipline theory by Lee and Marlene Canter. His theory based on the concepts of teacher's rights in the classroom as well as those of the pupils. It is on this that the researcher has based his theoretical frame work. A wide number of books and other references were used in providing literature in chapter two and enrich the study. In the findings the pupils discipline were discovered to have a significant effect on pupils' performance in primary schools in Mbitini Zone.
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    Impact of play on academic performance of learners in selected early childhood education centres in south zone, Kakamega south district, Kenya
    (Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning, 2011-08) Ukanda .M., Dennis
    The purpose of the study was to determine impact of play on academic performance of Early childhood education in South Zone, Kakamega South district, Kenya. The research objectives were; to investigate the common types of play, to determine the factors that hinder children's play lo determine the impact of play on academic performance of early childhood education and to determine the importance of play on early childhood development in South Zone, Kakamega South district, Kenya. The methods used/or data collection were questionnaires to both the teachers and learners. The study revealed that play helps the children pe1form well in class, it makes the children like the school environment, children who play do not find difficulties in solving problems and play improves children's performance in the later years The study revealed that the most commonly games mentioned were football and net ball, hide and seek, running and jumping, riding bicycles and driving toy cars and swinging parallel play, followed by collaborative play, negotiating play. The study revealed that the factors hindering children's play were poverty •with and gender inequality. The study revealed that play makes muscular development and control of large muscles, play helps the children to develop the language skills and through play children's explore the word around them. Government should make sure early childhood centers have enough and strong playing materials before they are licensed. The community and parents should be sensitized about the importance of playing so that they also participate in children's playing activities. Schools should make sure they fulfill what is in the curriculum by involving children in playing activities. Play and play materials should be one of the key topics taught to teachers so that they understand the importance of playfully.
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    The impact of free primary education on the performance of learners:
    (Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning, 2009-04) Muthangya, Josiah M.
    In Kenya, like in many other countries of the world, the plight of the physically handicapped children has been quite an issue. The problem is exacerbated by societal practices that look down upon the physically handicapped, making not only socialization at homes difficult but also learning in schools. This research proposal therefore seeks to investigate and come up with solutions which would enlighten the society, the teachers, policy makers and other key stakeholders on the plight of the physically handicapped school children. It aims at significantly addressing the problem. The researcher utilized a purely quantitative research technique/design of data collection and presentation. . This entailed the researcher reviewing, analyzing, and interpreting data by observing what people do and say as well as going to the field to collect data. Data collection was done through administration of questionnaires in carefully selected schools in Kisau division. The sampled population consisted of five schools in the zone. Out of the five schools, ten (10) teachers were interviewed from each school. Research findings revealed that the challenges that affect learners with physical handicaps in attaining their educational needs and interests are diverse but most importantly, the failure of the ministry of education to address their learning needs given the fact that they need adequate learning assistance and support as well as other learning equipments to facilitate their learning. A number of measures have been drawn up basing on the researchers observation and conclusions of the research findings. These include among others: government's drive towards providing for their learning equipments such as wheel chairs, and other learning equipments, change of teacher's attitude in a positive direction and the need for the community to dedicate efforts towards supporting learners with physical handicaps so that they can explore their potential.