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Title: Quantitative account of the business milieu and interplay with organismic variables based on multi-site empirical studies in Uganda, East Africa: accepted and approved for oral presentation at the 2015 Fall Global Mindset on Leadership and Management Conference, September 11-13, Los Angeles, California, USA.
Authors: Sumil, Novembrieta
Sumil, Manuel
Kibuuka, Muhammad
Ssekajugo, Derick
Keywords: Quantitative account
Business milieu and interplay
Organismic variables
Multi-site empirical studies
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The business milieu in terms of business management, conditions, practices and their interactions with certain organismic variables were determined through a meta-analysis of evidence-based data sorted out from 153 studies conducted in these selected business sectors: small and medium enterprises, local private and public banks, non traditional export enterprises, multinational companies, savings and credit cooperatives, telecommunication companies, public and private organizations and microfinance institutions in Central and Eastern Uganda. The new analyses revealed an overall picture of the business milieu in three aspects: (1) business management (from highest to lowest in rank: managerial skills, internal control system, credit management, management accounting, working capital management and corporate governance monitoring mechanisms); (2) business conditions from highest to lowest in rank: business expansion/growth of the business, innovation, business success, financial sustainability of microfinance institutions, business competitiveness, employee productivity, business behavior, employees’ performance, financial sustainability of savings and credit cooperatives and internationalization: (3) business practices such as accounting quality and auditing standards compliance. A correlation profile data between the business milieu dimensions displayed significant relationships while the organismic variables proved its efficacy with the business milieu constructs. Therefore, an optimistic mood of viable commercial market in Uganda forecasted promotion of proactive investment management efforts
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