Trend, Levels and Differences for Under-Five Mortality Rate in Uganda (U5MR): Is Uganda on Track in Achieving the Millennium Development Goal 4?;approved for oral presentation: Bugema International Multi-Disciplinary Conference, September 28-29, 2015.

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Kampala Internatinal University. Institute for Social Research
This study employed the analytic induction from the statistical phenomenon on U5MR in Uganda to arrive at the trend, levels and sex differences related to U5MR. The study followed a quantitative research paradigm which was particularly descriptive, longitudinal panel research. It was found out that the trend of U5MR was generally declining and that there was a significant difference between the U5MR of male and female children. The 2013 annual average reduction rate (AARR) was 4.3%, just 0.1% less than the required 4.4% for Uganda to achieve Millennium Development Goal 4. Based on the findings, it was concluded that there exists higher chances for Uganda to achieve the MDG4, considering the recent trend of U5MR in Uganda.
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Differences, Levels, Trends, Under-five mortality rate